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D. W. Griffith

Stunning sepia tone photo handwriting on reverse says: "D. W. Griffith, Director, Mutual Film Corporation"


D. W. Griffith - 1920s photo


Cecil B. DeMille

Cecil B. DeMille. No date given.


Jesse L. Lasky

Jesse L. Lasky - producer. New York. 1915.


Orson Welles

Orson Welles - circa 1939


Walt Disney

Walt Disney in the early 1930s, shortly after he signed distribution agreement with United Artists.


Walt Disney - 1940s


Walt Disney around 1950 seen with zoetrope and other animation paraphernalia.


John Ford:

John Ford in 1937. Publicity photo by Alex Kahle.

Writing on reverse:  "JOHN FORD, now directing Samuel Goldwyn's "The Hurricane", from the Nordhoff and Hall best seller. The case includes John Hall, Dorothy Lamour, C. Aubrey Smith, Thomas Mitchell, Raymond Massey, Mary Astor and Jerome Cowan."



John Ford - RKO Radio Pictures publicity photo 1936 - promoting the film "The Plough and the Stars"


Charlie Chaplin:

Real photo card of Charles Chaplin around 1920.


Charlie Chaplin - 1940.

"Charlie Chaplin arriving in New York for the premiere showing of his picture THE GREAT DICTATOR"


Samuel Goldwyn:

Samuel Goldwyn - about 1923 (no date given)


Samuel Goldwyn - "publicity photo #1" (circa 1930s)


Frank Capra:

Frank Capra - director at Columbia Pictures.


Frank Capra - independent producer, Liberty Films.


Leo McCarey

Leo McCarey - Independent producer-director. Movies include The Awful Truth, Duck Soup, Going My Way, and The Bells of St. Mary's.


Mary Pickford:

Mary Pickford in her final film for Biograph - D. W. Griffith's The New York Hat.  Following this film, she signed with Famous Players. 

Reverse: "Mary Pickford in a scene from THE NEW YORK HAT directed by D. W. Griffith with scenario by Anita Loos; Biograph 1912."


Real photo card - 1919 (First National)


Mary Pickford - French photocard (United Artists)


Advertisement on printed postcard.  One of the few existing post-1919 promotional photos photographed from Pickford's right side.


Mary Pickford 1920 (no date given).  Signature photo from late silent era.


Mary Pickford - 1929 Best Actress Oscar for Coquette.


Mary Pickford in her final film performance. Secrets (1932). Photo by K. O. Rahmn.


David O. Selznick:

David O. Selznick - about 1934


David Selznick while at United Artists.  No date given.


Lewis J. Selznick:

Printed photo advertising the first independent film company formed by a Selznick:  The Clara Kimball Young Film Corporation, founded by Lewis J. Selznick.


Clara Kimball Young.  Produced by Lewis J. Selznick


Walter Wanger:

Walter Wanger - publicity photo taken to announce his independent production company releasing through Paramount in the mid-1930s. 


Walter Wanger - United Artists publicity photo 1938.


Ingrid Bergman as Joan of Arc in the Walter Wanger production from 1948.
Ingrid Bergman as Joan of Arc (detail).


United Artsits:

U. A. Founders - Douglas Fairbanks, D. W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, and Charlie Chaplin.


United Artists associates gather to protest the Fox West Coast theatre monopoly 1930. Al Jolson, Mary Pickford, Ronald Coleman, Gloria Swanson, Douglas Fairbanks, Joseph M. Schenck, Charles Chaplin, Samuel Goldwyn, and Eddie Cantor.



Ince Studios - Real photo from late teens.  Studio lot subsequently became DeMille, Pathe, Selznick, and Desilu.


Adolph Zukor - Chairman of the Board - Paramount Pictures, Inc. 1937.

"The Napolean of Motion Pictures," founder of Famous Players studio, mastermind behind the Paramount monopoly, and once the most powerful individual in Hollywood.


Hobart Bosworth - Silent actor turned director. Important independent producer.  Formed his own film company Bosworth Inc. which became part of the famed 1916 merger of Famous Players-Lasky and the subsequent takeover of Paramount.


Marion Davies - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer fashion photo - wearing Nowitzky designer dress (Cosmopolitan Pictures).  Oversize photo 1931.

Reverse says: "There will be something new under next summer's sun. . . according to Marion Davies, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's star who recently returned from a European holiday to start her picture "Polly of the Circus". Coming in the guise of a beach costume that will take the place of last season's pajama - this new outfit - by the famed Mary Nowitzky - consists of a skirt made of pineapple cloth with a fringe at the side of the wrap-around of raffia. To harmonize with the "Waikiki" skirt there is a lei of rubber flowers to decorate the neckline of the bathing suit."


Danny Kaye in Up In Arms (1944)

Movie still from the famous "Lobby Number" sequence, a satire of musical films, one of the longest comedy routines of its kind, written by Kaye's wife Sylvia Fine and Max Liebman


Maria Corda - Hungarian actress, wife of filmmaker Alexander Korda. Photo is of European origin - photo credited to Atelier Edith Barakovich of Vienna. Circa 1919.


Sterling Holloway - prolific Disney voice artist and character actor.  Photo by John Ellis in 1937.  Voice work included Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland), Kaa the Snake (Jungle Book), and Winnie the Pooh.




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