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The Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers

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The Leaders, Presidents, and Executives of SIMPP

The Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers

The SIMPP Presidents:

Like the MPAA (formerly Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America), the Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers selected its presidents from outside the ranks of the film community.

During SIMPP's two decades of existence there were three elected presidents of the Society:

President Occupation In Office Death date
Loyd Wright Lawyer 1941-1945 22 October 1974
Donald M. Nelson Business executive 1945-1947 23 August 1959
Ellis G. Arnall Lawyer/Politician 1948-1963 14 December 1992


Loyd Wright

Donald M. Nelson

Ellis Arnall

SIMPP Executives

James A. Mulvey: President of Samuel Goldwyn Inc.

Gunther R. Lessing: Vice-president of Walt Disney Productions, and Chairman of the Board of SIMPP

Daniel T. O'Shea: Manager of the the Selznick Studio


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