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Hollywood Renegades Archive

J. A. Aberdeen Collection


SIMPP Founders

Charles Chaplin

Walt Disney

Samuel Goldwyn

Alexander Korda

Mary Pickford

David O. Selznick

Walter Wanger

Orson Welles


The SIMPP Story


The History of SIMPP: The Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers


The Formation of the Society (1941 & 1942)

Independents Protest the UNITED MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY (1942)

DOCUMENT: SIMPP Press Release - April 13, 1942

DOCUMENT: SIMPP's Anti-Block Booking Pamphlet, June 1, 1942

The Independents Battle the Studio-owned Theater Chains (1944)

Sam Goldwyn and Walter Wanger Attack the Hollywood Status Quo (1946)

DOCUMENT: "The Independent Producer" by Donald M. Nelson, 1947

Former Governor of Georgia Becomes Spokesman for the Independent Movement in Hollywood

DOCUMENT: Release of address made by Hon. Ellis Arnall, President of the Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers at a meeting of the Motion Picture Industry Council, June 15, 1949.

SIMPP vs. United Detroit: The Day that Detroit Became a Battlefield for Movie Monopolies (1948)

SIMPP vs. United Detroit: The Paramount Theater Monopoly.

Disneyland: How Walt Disney's Theme Park Influenced the Independent Film Movement (1954)

The Independent Producers and the Early Days of Television (1934-1951)

Paramount TV and the Formation of ABC—Television Looks to the Independent Producers

DOCUMENT: The SIMPP State of the Union for 1953—The Report of Society President Ellis Arnall

The Independent Producers Bring Reform to the Production Code—Industry Censorship in 1954

SIMPP Divided—Goldwyn Leaves the Society

DOCUMENT: President Ellis Arnall's Final Letter

Goldwyn's Antitrust Warpath (After SIMPP)


The SIMPP Members


For a COMPLETE LIST OF MEMBERS - click here.

Featured Members:

Related Documents:


The Leaders, Presidents, and Executives of SIMPP


The SIMPP Presidents:

Loyd Wright

Donald M. Nelson

Ellis Arnall


SIMPP Executives



Other Independents In Classic Hollywood

Non-Members and Associates of SIMPP

D. W. Griffith—Independent Profile

Frank Capra and the Rise of Producer-Directors in Classic Hollywood

Liberty Films: The Independent Film Company of Frank Capra, William Wyler, and George Stevens

JOHN FORD:  Argosy Pictures—The Independent Film Company of Director John Ford and Producer Merian C. Cooper

HOWARD W. HAWKS:  Montery Productions—The Independent Film Company of Director Howard Hawks and Agent Charles K. Feldman

ALFRED HITCHCOCK:  Transatlantic Pictures—The Independent Film Company of Alfred Hitchcock and Sidney Bernstein


"POVERTY ROW:"  Independent Distributors: The Indy Studios of Old Hollywood  (Also: Allied Artists and the Rise of the Mirisch Company)



SIMPP Miscellaneous

The Studio Lots of the Independent Producers


Film History


The Silent Era: The Rise and Development of the American Film Industry


The Edison Movie Monopoly: The Motion Picture Patents Company vs. the Independent Outlaws

The Film Outlaws Come Together: The History of the Motion Picture Sales and Distribution Company

W. W. Hodkinson: The Man Who Invented Hollywood



The Hollywood Studio System


Block Booking

More on Block Booking:

The Hollywood Blacklist


Theater Monopolies in Old Hollywood

The Movie Theater Chains of the Media Giants: Hollywood Studios Get Back into the Theater Business



The Hollywood Antitrust Case (aka The Paramount Antitrust Case)


Federal Trade Commission v. Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, et al

United States v. Paramount Pictures, et al

The Independent Producers and the Paramount Case, 1938-1949

DOCUMENTS from the Paramount Case:


Cinema Miscelaneous



The Formation of Twentieth Century-Fox

The Merger of Universal-International





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