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The Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers became an influential force in the film industry in the 1940s. At the beginning of the Paramount case in 1938, there were perhaps a dozen independent production companies in Hollywood. By the end of the studios era, there were easily over one hundred. Not all independents became members, however, especially as independent production boomed after World War II. Many of these non-members were directors who achieved fame working for the studios, hoping to defect from the studios. Though they followed in the independent production pattern pioneered by the SIMPP founders, many did not join SIMPP. Unfortunately most of the independent directors found their independents ventures short-lived, and would return to the studio rosters.

D. W. Griffith—Independent Profile

Frank Capra and the Rise of Producer-Directors in Classic Hollywood

Liberty Films: The Independent Film Company of Frank Capra, William Wyler, and George Stevens

JOHN FORD:  Argosy Pictures—The Independent Film Company of Director John Ford and Producer Merian C. Cooper

HOWARD W. HAWKS:  Montery Productions—The Independent Film Company of Director Howard Hawks and Agent Charles K. Feldman

ALFRED HITCHCOCK:  Transatlantic Pictures—The Independent Film Company of Alfred Hitchcock and Sidney Bernstein

"POVERTY ROW:"  Independent Distributors: The Indy Studios of Old Hollywood  (Also: Allied Artists and the Rise of the Mirisch Company)


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