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Photo Preservation Services

Make your family photos last forever!

Have you ever wanted a complete collection of all your grandparent’s photos? With our scanning service, your rare photos can be copied and shared with everyone in your family. Now is the time to scan your photos before natural effects of aging (fading, wear, mold damage) or the unnatural effects of life (loss, damage from fire/water, etc) make impossible. Once your collection is scanned, you will have a perfect archive copy that will allow you to:

  • Share photos with all your relatives by making as many copies as you want on CD-ROM. 
  • Keep a copy of all your photos in a safety deposit box, or other remote location. 
  • Make your heritage disaster-proof, if your originals suffer damage, your original scans will always be in tact.
  • Fix those annoying flaws like scratches and tears with our restoration services below.
  • Make photo reproductions so that you can display high-quality copies while your originals remain safe.
  • Pass along your photos to your children and grandchildren with digital files that will be loved and preserved forever.

We cater to both the professional and amateur market, but our services are especially appropriate for the individual looking for high-quality scans. Unlike other scanning services, none of our process involves automated photo feeders. We hand-place each photo, so that even the most fragile family heirlooms are treated with utmost care.

Scanning Costs:

$7.50 for each high-resolution quality photo
$15 for oversize photos (larger than 8˝ x 11”)

Scanning of Negatives and Slides available, please enquire.

Discounts available for large collections.

Photo Touchup and Restoration Services:

Basic Restoration - $10 per photo
          Includes small tears, crease marks, speckles, dirt removal, minor fading

Advanced Restoration - $35 per hour (please enquire)
          Includes missing pieces, large smudges, background adjustments, severed fading, object removal.

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