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Genealogy Research

If you wish you knew more about your family heritage. . .
If your ancestorsí medical history is pertinent to you and your family. . .
If you have tried to research genealogy yourself but have run into a dead end . . .

J.A. Aberdeen will serve as your researcher to aid you or conduct the genealogy search on your behalf. More than just a compilation of names and dates, we will also provide the real-life information that will bring your ancestors and their history into your life. Untangle the truths in your family stories from the embellishments that have been introduced with each retelling of the story.

We will trace your genealogy as far back as time allows. Many people are surprised to learn how commonly the roots of the early American colonists tied into European nobility. If you have a long-standing family presence in the United States, you may likely tie to the kings and queens of Europe, and therefore a supposed lineage which has Biblical connections.

After researching public and private records to gather facts and clues about your familyís past, we will fit the pieces together to construct a well-documented family tree.

Following our research, you will receive

  • Pedigree charts (lineage showing ancestors and your line of decent)
  • Family group sheets (the data of your family, where they lived, etc.) 
  • Copies of all documents we locate (including census records, estate records, property, birth, marriage, and death records, and many other types of records.)
  • Genealogist report explaining the research conducted and analysis of sources.

Note: Although we respond to all inquiries, we specialize in English language researches, particularly England, Scotland, Canada, and the United States, and may refer you to other genealogists for non-English language requests.

Fee $30 per hour (plus expenses).  For more information on fee schedule, Click Here.

Other Archiving Services

Digital Genealogy Transcription (DGT)

Do you have family records already written down, but you just donít have the time to type all the information into a genealogy program?  For those who have already compiled or inherited family records that give your genealogy, you may still be interested in our services. We will organize your data on computer and on laser printouts. You will receive the digital information from us, as well as complete, organized printed copy.

Only $5 per family group sheet.  For more information on fee schedule, Click Here.

Document Scanning

Do you have old fragile letters you want to preserve for generations to come? Do you wish you could share these priceless documents with others without having to resort to a low quality photo copy each time? Do you have a one-of-a-kind family book that you wish you could share with other family members?

Then you may want to consider our document scanning service. We will scan all of your documents into a PDF file that will allow you to hold an entire library full of pages on one CD-ROM. You can also request as many copies as you would like to share with relatives. You can even send digital files to those by e-mail.

Only $2.00 for the first page of any letter/book/article.
And $1.00 for each additional page.
For more information on fee schedule, Click Here.

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