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Cobblestone presents:
Hollywood Renegades
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Table of Contents

for J. A. Aberdeen's

Hollywood Renegades:
The Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers



Chapter 1: Introduction
Hollywood 1939

PART I: Hollywood Before SIMPP

Chapter 2: "Bust the Trust—Go Independent"
The Independents and the Origins of the Hollywood Studio System

Chapter 3: Box Office Poison
Block Booking

Chapter 4: Hollywood Trust
The Paramount Case and the Consent Decree of 1940

PART II: SIMPP versus the Hollywood Studio System

Chapter 5: Unity
The Formation of SIMPP

Chapter 6: Moving In
New Members of SIMPP—Stromberg, Cagney, Lesser, McCarey, and Others

Chapter 7: Halls and Armories
SIMPP Reactivates the Paramount Case

Chapter 8: Of Merit Instead of Power
The Paramount Trial and the New York Equity Suit

Chapter 9: New Blood
Liberty Films, International Pictures, and California Pictures

Chapter 10: The Independent Directory
Members and Non-Members—Ford, Hawks, Hitchcock, Huston, Spiegel, and Kramer

Chapter 11: Independent's Day
The Supreme Court Decision and the Paramount Divorcement Decree

PART III: SIMPP in the Independent Era

Chapter 12: Diplomacy
Britain, the Blacklist, and Ellis Arnall

Chapter 13: The Little Paramount Case
SIMPP v. United Detroit Theatres

Chapter 14: Conflicting Interests
United Paramount, Television, and Disneyland

Chapter 15: The Decline of SIMPP
SIMPP's Film Finance Corporation and the Exit of Goldwyn

Chapter 16: Fade Out
The Producers During the SIMPP Years


Chapter 17: The Lasting Influence of SIMPP
Modern Hollywood Adapts to the Independents

Chapter 18: Epilogue
Independent Aftershocks


Acknowledgments and Author's Note
Notes and Sources