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SIMPP Reforms MPAA Title Registration

The following is a letter sent by the SIMPP leaders to the independent producers to bring reform to the Title Registration program of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (today known as the MPAA). In Hollywood, both then and now, studios could reserve a large number of titles for films in an effort to avoid having competing movies with the same title. However, the old rules favored the large studios. SIMPP's reforms helped protect the interests of the small producer. The right to reserve titles was enforced by the MPPDA, the self-governing organization which also enforced the Production Code.

For more information see: What's In a Name?: The Little-Known Secret of Title Registration in Hollywood

February 29,1944


Dear SIMPP Member:

The Society in behalf of its members, has been requested by the Title Registration Bureau of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc., to submit suggestions for consideration by the directors of the latter association to change the Title Memoranda agreement with respect to the number of feature titles any individual member may have on registration at one time.

Sec. 3, Para. 6 of the Memoranda of the Title Committee, reads as follows:

"Each Company member shall be entitled, at any one time, to have registered on the Priority List with the Association not more than One Hundred (100) original titles, for feature pictures and not more than Two hundred (200) original titles for short subjects. There shall be no limitation upon the number of original song titles which a Company Member may have on registration."

It is now proposed by the Association Directors to materially restrict the number of original feature picture titles on such Priority List on a ratio basis. The number of titles a member may register will be based upon the number of feature pictures such member produces each year. Your opinion is desired as to reasonable and proper ratio.

Concurrently with the adoption of this rule, it also is proposed to reduce the number of titles on permanent registration from the present total of 250 to 100 permanent registrations.

The purpose of this letter is to provide you and whoever in your organization is charged with title registrations, to study these proposed changes as they may affect you.

This matter will be placed upon the agenda of the next meeting of the Society.

Sincerely yours,


Executive Secretary.


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