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The Selznick Studio Lot

From Thomas Ince to Desilu



The Thomas Ince Studio on Washington Boulevard in Culver City, California. The Colonial style building, used as a movie set by Ince, was converted into an office building by Cecil B. DeMille during his independent years. In 1935, it became the Selznick International Studio. (Aberdeen collection). To purchase Aberdeen photos for reprint purposes click here.

Early color printed photocard of the Ince Studios, Culver City, California.

The Mount Vernon style offices built by Thomas Ince were incorporated into the Selznick International logo seen at the opening of David O. Selznick's films. In the 1950s, the lot was sold to Desilu.

The Selznick lot under Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Arial view of the Selznick Studio during its heyday. The Colonial office building can be seen in the bottom of this photo.

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