Virtual Tour: Ellis Arnall

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Inscription- front:
Ellis Gibbs Arnall
Governor of Georgia

Inscriptions- clockwise:
Brought about widespread reform in education by making the Board of Regents and Board of Education constitutional bodies ensuring the separation of politics from education.
"Education is the cure for ignorance, poverty and disease."

Brought about more reforms in state government than any other Governor in Georgia history; including prison reform, reduction in the voting age, revision of the state constitution and creation of the
office of Lieutenant Governor.
"There is nothing wrong with government that democracy won't cure."

Founded Arnall, Golden and Gregory, where he practiced law for 40 years
with Sol I. Golden and Cleburne E. Gregory, Jr..

Abolished the poll tax, allowing the poorest citizens to vote without having to pay
for this basic right of a democracy.
"There will come a time when equality is not only publicly accepted, but privately accepted as well."

Broke the freight rate discrimination shackles which limited the South to an agricultural economy.
"The monument to my governorship is that we brought about the Union
on the basis of full fellowship and full equality."

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