Ellis Arnall
Ellis Arnall being sworn in as governor in January 1943 while a forlorn
Eugene Talmadge (seated, extreme right) listens.

Dubbed Georgia "Boy Governor," Ellis Arnall was only 35 when he became governor in 1942.  He defeated Eugene Talmadge due to the scandal at the University of Georgia.  Barred from serving a second consecutive term as governor, Arnall eventually stepped down as governor in January 1947.

Ellis Arnall would never again hold elective office after 1947.  Despite being a young man at the time, Arnall stayed out of politics until 1966 when he ran once again for governor.  However, Arnall was defeated for the Democratic nomination by Lester Maddox.  After losing the Democratic nomination, Arnall led a write-in campaign for himself in the general election which resulted in the General Assembly having to choose the governor once again.  This time, the legislature had to choose between the Democratic nominee, Lester Maddox, and the Republican nominee, Bo Callaway.  Arnall returned to private life, and he died in 1992.

Ellis Arnall refusing to relinquish the governorship to "Pretender" Herman Talmadge.
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